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My name is Asnat, and I'm a freelance Graphic Designer. My last position was a deisgner at Osem-Nestle. Besides various professional courses I have a B.Design from HIT (Industrial Design) & M.Des from Bezalel Academy.

In the past 5 years I have specialized in package design and branding (print & digital).

Earlier in my career I worked at Algobrix (teaching kids basic programming using LEGO), Young Engineers, Spark Toys and Gabiz Puppets (which I founded). During these 4 years I specialized in toy design (plastic & electronic), branding and 3D modelling & videos.


I was born & raised in Jerusalem, and live in the Greek Colony with Lia (daughter), Mikey (son) & Shmuel (husband).



Tel: 052-2695626

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